Valentine’s gifts 2021

Valentine's day is all about showing your love for someone by taking the time to be with them, write a note and show you care.  A little gift is also a way to show you have chosen something just for them. Click on the pictures to view each item.

Blush pink

Romantic, elegant and soft pastels


❤️Coconut lacquer bowls are a perfect container for all sort of yummy goodies and they come in a pair.

❤️When giving flowers why not give a beautiful vase to display them can also be used as a gorgeous decanter on your table.

❤️To hang beautiful pieces of jewellery- our giant poppies jewellery stands are so fun and unusual.

❤️A lovely cotton throw to use in the bedroom or sitting room or to huddle up together in front of the television.

❤️Open one of your cupboards to a gorgeous scented purse aumoniere, leave on a bedside table or in a bookshelf to perfume any room.

Hearts everywhere

Love, connection and happiness


❤️A scented heart pomander to hang on a door nob or wardrobe- a little gift of love

❤️A fun cushion to add some pattern to your home and to rest together.

❤️Two hearts bracelets, a little bracelet to wear everyday to remind yourself of the beautiful connection you have.

❤️Unique bedside table lamps with a story of their own from 100 years ago- to continue yours.

Cool blue

Beautiful, fresh and peaceful


❤️For a beautiful clean shave and a razor to keep forever check out this glass one made by a French artisan.

❤️A runner for your table- a beautiful centerpiece to cheer your table up when no one else is around.

❤️Which cocktail will you rest on these beautiful handmade coasters made with olive wood and resin?

❤️Distinctive earrings that catch the light just as she has caught your eye.

Wishing you a fabulous Valentine's day...if you would like to remember these gorgeous items for another day why not pin them to one of your Pinterest boards and while you are there give us a little follow.  Merci ❤️❤️