Las escalleras- The ladders


Size of the box:130 x 140 x 25 mm

Weight: 250 gr

Components and materials: 16 Ladders Compressed cardboard

Ladders are the symbol of lost paradise and unattainable paradise. We are attracted by them because they let us go up to the heights, climbing as we did in that other life, when we were monkeys. Going up, going up, it seems an aspiration in itself. Fruits hang from branches too high. A maze of ladders in the air, trees and branches themselves, pathways to invisible points toward transparent fruit. We can play building, putting scaffolding in the air, we move in all directions, always, fortunately, with the danger of falling, with fear. Risk, fear and desire to go far away, to get away from the ground. And then look at the covered path. You can play alone or with more people, friends or enemies; place your piece in such a way that it´s almost impossible for the other to do so without making the castle to collapse in the air. It is, in every way, a road to nowhere, a circus spectacle, a primitive ingenuity, a space walk, craziness

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