Aumônière (scented purse) “eye”


By Autour du Parfum- a lovely company created and designed by Elin Pajot in France. The products are made using ancient recipes with essential oils and natural products.

Purse made with gorgeous Liberty fabric,scented with volcanic stones. It is  decorated with an ornament made out of silvered brass and with a glass pearl. 

Use it to perfume a room, a wardrobe, as a paperweight or book end.

The purse contains an interior pouch filled with volcanic stones. The pouch can easily be refilled by opening it and spraying some perfume on the stones.  

 Lifetime : approx. 6 months

Presented in gift bag Diameter approx. 12 cm

Olfactory description :

Freesia du Cap

Also called Cape Thrush, by its South African origin, it naturally sits at the center of bridal bouquets. According to some traditions, half freesias are offered after seven years of marriage.

The fresh and sweet scent of freesia is mixed with jasmine and rose with a touch of pear freshness.

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