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Large paisley Shawl


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France, circa 1860, Jacquard loom woven wool with 9 colours.

165 x 346cms

Beautiful large shawl in vibrant colours with central motifs of large scrolling palmettes and vegetation, a lovely scrolling pattern of mini botehs (stylised cyprus/pine) at either end and a repeating pattern forming a rectangle all around. Colourful fringe gates and wool fringes.

This type of shawl would have been worn on a crinoline dress draped around the shoulders and showing the pattern at the back of the dress.

This shawl was given by T E Lawrence (Laurence of Arabia) to one of his nannies as a gift and was then passed on. A letter from the last owners relating this story accompanies this piece.

Lawrence was a British archeologist, scholar, writer and soldier who mobilised the Arab Revolt in World War I, helping the Arabs against the Turks. He then became known as 'Lawrence of Arabia' and was later immortalised in 1962 in the famous film of the same name.


Natalia says : "This shawl was kept in a box for many years so is in fabulous condition with beautiful colours, patterns and a real sense of history". 


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