I visited The Haven  in Leeds and was so impressed that I want to give them on-going support. I have been supporting them during my Bi-annual exhibitions by giving a percentage of my sales.

If you can kindly donate £2 when you shop with me,  L'Atelier will match your £2 donation.

Here is why I want to help:

The Haven provides, free of charge, a wide range of therapies to support your wellbeing with and beyond breast cancer. Specialist nurses and experts in nutrition, exercise, emotional support and complementary therapies provide individualised in-depth programmes to help with physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer treatment.

If you can't get to a Haven, you can access support from our outreach programme in the comfort of your own home.

How We Can Help You

We understand that breast cancer can leave you feeling shocked and traumatised. We want to give you the support and the techniques to find your way through. Our Haven programme is completely free of charge and there is no need for a referral - you can just ring us to make an appointment.

At The Haven, you won't find a 'one size fits all' approach. Everything we do has been specifically designed to help you. The Haven is also here to talk to your family and friends about their thoughts and feelings and to give them the support that they may need.

Havens offer a free programme of in-depth support to improve the quality of life of anyone affected by breast cancer. We work closely with your medical team supporting your treatment with a variety of therapies that can help not only to manage your fears but also to deal with the physical symptoms of breast cancer treatment such as nausea, fatigue, pain and hot flushes. Anyone can come to a Haven and there is no need for a referral - just ring and make an appointment.

There are Havens in London, Hereford and Leeds and you will find a lot of support on this website too. There are some helpful films, factsheets and podcasts for anyone to use - especially if you can't get to a Haven to see us.

See the Haven website