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Cloisonné vase with flowers


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Designed by Kenzo Takada, Paris, France

Height: 21cm

Kenzo Takada also know as Kenzo is a famous fashion designer who brought  bold and colourful florals to a new dimension in fashion.  He is now retired from the fashion industry but is a decoration designer designing tableware, furniture and home objects.

Cloisonné is the art of decorating metalwork objects. Nowadays vitreous enamel is used. In the past, cut gemstones, glass and other materials were combined. First, compartments are added to the metal object by adhering silver or gold or copper (as in this instance) in thin strips placed on their edge. The piece is then fired in a kiln. Secondly, the enamel powder is inserted into each little cloisons which sinks down after firing due to melting and shrinkage of granular nature of the glass powder. The object is re-fired several times. Lastly, the object is polished with three different stones.


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