Eggshell Vietnamese lacquer ware muliti-tiered box


Beautiful and luxurious eggshell lacquer ware box with Italianate architecture.

Amazingly intricate, skilled and labour and time intensive technique of applying eggshell to a lacquer base wood.

The eggshell is taken from already hatched duck eggs as they are stronger and whiter in colour than other eggs. The eggshells can then be stained with natural pigments. They are then applied to a lacquerware base which is made from the resin of the lacquer tree. Between each coat of lacquer the piece is wet sanded, usually taking at least 20 coats.  Then polishing is done by the artist’s palm with either charcoal or an iron oxide to achieve the great lustre. These take many months to make as the process is so time consuming.

Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 30 cm

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