Accordion notebook-hand made paper


Notebook in Nepalese hand made paper and screen printed

12 x 9cm, 12pages in burgundy hand made paper and cover in gold and burgundy

Hand made paper from the bark of the Lokta plant or mulberry bush. When the branches of the bush are harvested, the bark is peeled away and then beaten and boiled until it becomes smooth. After the cooking process the bark is again beaten and nowadays by machine mixed into small pieces – called the pulp. This pulp will then be “dissolved“ in a large water tank into which the screen for the sheet is placed – by moving the screen in the water tank the pulp is spread evenly throughout the screen. The screen is slowly removed from the water – the sheet is ready – it will be dried by having the screen exposed to sun light – either in vertical shape – or traditionally in an angle.

The bush regenerates to maturity every 5 to 7 years and this process encourages growth and maintains the cultivation.

The sheets of paper are a source of income for paper crafting famillies in villages in Nepal. The plain paper is then taken to Katmandu where different producers will put their own mark. It is a strong and durable paper.

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