French vintage textile sage green hand painted gauze


France, Lyon, 1920-30

Fine Gauze painted in white, black and yellow pigments

It depicts an Asian Head with fantastic headdress with Flowers, flower ear ornaments and necklace against a geometric background

This design is possibly by Robert Bonfils (1886-1972) who was a fabric Designer but was also a Great graphic artist.  His texile Oasis and Also his design La conquete d’Algerie are reminiscent of this style.

This Fantastical Exoticism theme was one of the loved themes of the art deco period and was also present in other artist's work such as Raoul Dufy. This exoticism and interest in ancient cultures, the Mayan civilisation and African Art was also very present in theatre such as the famous ballet russes Dance Company of Daghilev. these designs recall the wonderful costumes and scenography created for ballets.

Comes beautifully mounted in a custom glass and wooden legs frame 

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