Clean and Zen organic desk gift box


With a few travel kits to keep your area clean and your mind calm where-ever you are - at your desk, using tech or while on the go.
Designed with refillable bottles, the kit contains 70% alcohol hand sanitiser and surface cleaner to disinfect your space and then the Calm & Zen therapetic Pulse point oil to clear and steady your mind.

Multi surface (10ml) spray and cotton cloth, Zen pulse point oil 10ml roller, hand sanitizer coastal(50ml)

made from:

Aluminium bottles keep our ingredients super fresh & along with potato paper wraps, we've made sure that our packaging is both sustainable & recyclable.

box size

6.5cm. x 6.5 cm x 4 cms

Free from toxins, vegan friendly, ethical and sustainable.


Natalia says "a lovely little gift to have for someone returning to the office or for all the new home offices".


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