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Easter and Spring Gift Guide - Natalia Willmott

Easter and Spring Gift Guide

Celebrate the time of the year when everything comes to life. Discover fantastic Easter and spring time gifts for both your friends and loved ones and the home.

1. Rabbit candle holder - from £50

Nothing screams Easter like rabbits. Get one of these gorgeous multi-purpose candle holders shaped like a rabbit. You can also put flowers or mini eggs there.

2. Pomegranate napkin set - £30

Hand block-printed napkin set in shades of green....simply stunning.

3. Blue glass Easter eggs - £18

Decorate your Easter table with these beautiful glass eggs.

4. Rustic candles - from £4

These look fantastic in every setting- indoors and outdoors.

5. Nile candle holder - £85

Use it to make beautiful arrangements with spring flowers and shrubbery.

6. Glass Easter egg containers set - £12

Store your Easter sweets in these adorable glass eggs.

7. Blue cushion with roses - £35

Put it on your bed or sofa and enjoy the garden inside your home.

8. Teakroot bowl - £105

Present your food in these gorgeous bowls. They will beautify your table.

9. Tribal wire basket set - £70

Use it to store paper rolls, umbrellas, fruit and veg. They're simply gorgeous.

10. Daffodils watercolour by Mark Azopardi - £65

Enjoy this life-like watercolour of a daffodil in different stages of bloom. Painted by a York artist, Mark Azopardi.

11. Dragonfly graphite object

For all insect lovers - a fantastic pencil that is both useful and beautiful.

12. Jewellery stand with a sunbird


Have this gorgeous bird as the guardian of your jewellery. It's not a magpie, I promise.


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