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International including EU shipping

 When ordering from a country outside the UK please note that you are the importer. So please check, before ordering any products, which customs requirements, duties, taxes and other fees you may be responsible for. You may be responsible for paying these charges once your order has been shipped. Each country has different rules and regulations and

the following resources may help answer any questions you have

Taxation and customs factsheet  


International including EU returns

 If you wish to receive a full refund, the item needs to be received back within 28 days from the day the parcel was delivered. The items must be returned to us in pristine condition and in the original packaging. You are responsible for paying the carrier costs (unless the item is faulty or damaged).

 Depending on where you are returning your order from, you may be responsible for paying for shipping. You may also need to complete a customs declaration form and pay UK VAT (20%) due to new Brexit rules implemented on 1st January 2021.

Please note that refunds will only be given to the original purchaser

We hope you will be happy with everything you receive from Natalia Willmott but in the unlikely event that an item is faulty please contact our team at or on 07949240470. We will then be able to assist with a replacement or a refund and let you know of the best way to proceed. 





Vintage whisky barrel stave board - Natalia Willmott

Beauty is something that catches your eye. Like raindrops falling from a leaf reflecting the world around.  Beauty is like kind words rolling off the tongue, a listening ear when you are full of fear. Beauty is taking dust off a favourite object and admiring it in the process. Beauty is something broken that has been repaired.  It’s a completely blue sky by also beautiful cloud formations. Beauty is helping others without expecting anything in return . It’s adding flowers to vase. Beauty is being surrounded by things and people you love. See beauty everyday.


Beauty is in the hand of the maker creating something new. It’s watching the step by step process of something coming to life. Beauty is an idea that makes you excited. Beauty is sharing commonalities and celebrating differences.  Beauty is the process of life. It’s stopping for a moment to just be. Beauty is discovering something new and  guiding gently people you care about. It’s something you feel deep down inside you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Start seeing beauty and you will see it all the time.  See beauty everyday.

Beauty is being me and letting you be you. Beautyis a feeling. It is a memory that makes me smile. Beauty isunexpected.Beautyis the tie that links us together.Beautyis the sun warming the skin or the waves hugging the shore.Beauty is a moment of stillness,it’s’ a journey. Beauty is the story that you listen to and the stories you share. Beauty is laughter. Beauty is holding someone’s hand and beauty is warming up from the cold. Beauty is a fire that crackles,a crunchy apple, that taste of a new dish and a sip of cold water. Beauty surrounds us in our differences, in our tastes and in our journeys.See beauty everyday.

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