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Hello- thank you for dropping by

I am Natalia Willmott and live a few miles outside the beautiful city of York in the countryside. Paris has my heart as I have lived there for many years as a child, teen and young adult. Everything I do here is the symbiosis of two cultures, my upbringing and a love of the city and country. So I have very much created my own style based on beauty, positivity, well being, combining the old and the new with craftsmanship and stories.

I took a hammer to my Ikea wardrobe

When I was 15 I took a hammer to my big white Ikea cupboard which dominated my bedroom (my mum was not happy)...I just couldn't look at it anymore. I realised that I needed to be surrounded by beautiful items. At the time there were no hacks to make things beautiful, no YouTube or "how to" videos,  so I started collecting vintage pieces that I loved. Collections have been a great part of my childhood, using my pocket money to buy stickers, then collecting perfume bottles- everything was counted, catalogued and researched and then photographed when I got a camera.

I love shopping and styling

I used to spend my school holidays in Brittany- my step dad's family had an amazing home consisting of three different pavilions overlooking the sea. In a way it was magical as I was allowed to roam around (and it did rain a lot)- the house was full of things, artefacts, games, fabrics, interesting furniture. I was so curious and used to open all the drawers and cupboards and just look at everything.I think that's when my love of antique and vintage items really started. I also loved rearranging and playing with the objects.

Thats's why I create individual looks by sourcing unusual, undiscovered and sometimes unique arts and crafts and antiques for my private clients, interior designers and my web shop. I want you to have the same discovery experience, for you to find items you didn't know about - but when you see them they pull on your heart strings.

I am passionate about finding pieces for you to enjoy for many years, that are well made and that have a story.  I believe your home reflects who you are and you need to surround yourselves with pieces that make you feel good , bring joy and create memories. 

I still have the jewellery I had from when I was 14 and am more than 50 now

Every piece has a memory of where I bought it, who gave it to me, where I wore it. I just love wearing different pieces every day. A few years ago I was wearing some really fun and colourful earrings my godmother had given me when I was 17 and this lady in Waitrose stopped me to say I looked fabulous. We had a little conversation in the yogurt aisle ( yes I remember details like that)- how very lovely! That's why jewellery has such a special place in my heart and in my shop- from pieces I have sourced to pieces I have made- they are little pieces of joy that can immediately transform an outfit. J'adore!

I hope you enjoy browsing this site and love shopping.

xx Natalia

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