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Father's Day gift guide - Natalia Willmott

Father's Day gift guide

Father's day is fast approaching. Do you have trouble choosing what to give your dad? Take a look at this guide filled with items from our shop and see if there's anything your father would like.

1. Circular cufflinks

These are so funky. Some of the parts still move. They were made from vintage Russian watches.


2. Glass razor "Gold leaf"

Gift him the most luxurious razor ever. The blades are from Gilette Macht 3.

3. Crown Graphite Object

This curio is a beautiful desk ornament that serves a double purpose. It's a graphite that will never dirty your hands yet makes a fine writing instrument.


4. Antique Bohemian Armorial Historismus drinking glass

Is your dad a fan of October Fest or drinking good beer in general? Why not give him an authentic 19th century drinking glass. These were made in Germany and Austria.

 5. Four sided architect's scale ruler

If he likes DIY he will love this smart ruler to take measurements.

6. Barrel-shape antique tobacco jar

Gift your dad an antique tobacco jar. Even if he doesn't smoke, he can use it to store his pens or other little things.

7. Large handmade beech pebble paperweight

This stylish wooden pebble is incredibly smooth and tactile. It will keep all the important papers in place.

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