VIIBRUXELLES is a Belgian brand created by Cécile De Jaegher in 2007.

She graduated from the fashion department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

VII Sept Bruxelles is driven by the love of the work, the respect of the people they work with and the quality of the materials that are used.

A profound respect of humans and the consciousness that life is precious, is behind every VII Sept Bruxelles product.

VII Sept Bruxelles selects materials from the best qualities available such as aniline leather, cow or lamb.

VII Sept Bruxelles only works with tanneries using sustainable methods.

The purses, bags, keyholders are all entirely made in Belgium, from the first to the last step.

The name of the brand has been chosen to emphasize the local production in Brussels and to celebrate number VII being the designer's lucky number, as she is the seventh child of a family with seven children!