Vintage triangle 'fish' silk scarf


France, Lyon, 1930's, L: 126cm

This scarf comes from the archive of a Lyon silk manufacturer so was never worn.

Some scarves from this archive were designed for the exposition Internationale des arts et techniques
dans la vie moderne (international exposition dedicated to art and technology
in modern life) in 1937.

Hermes created it's famous silk carre (silk square 90x 90cms) in 1937 at the same time as the universal exhibition in Paris.

The silk scarf originates from the large printed handkerchief an essential item of the 19th century which slowly became a larger scarf. During the war scarfs with war instructions, motifs and maps essential for the fighters who could not read but also made as a useful item to protect pilots from exhaust smoke.

The triangular scarf is quite unusual nowadays but in the 30's was also worn as a top accessory with a string fastening going around the neck.

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