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10 tips to integrate pattern in your home - Natalia Willmott

10 tips to integrate pattern in your home


Patterns have been used for hundreds of years to enhance home decor and fashion. It is prevalent in nature too and all around us...but we forget to notice it sometimes. We are sometimes scared to use it. But a pattern has great power.

Patterns can bring a lot of visual stimulus to a space so you need to think how you want to feel in a certain room before using it.

Even if you love simplicity, clean walls, zen interiors you can integrate patterns. There are no rules to using pattern- or there shouldn’t be but there are things you can do to slowly introduce it if you don’t have the confidence yet.


To slowly introduce pattern use the rule of 3

From the Home I create- the use of three patterns makes this scheme really fresh but also lived in. 

The rule of 3 can apply to any room. Use three different patterns in a room or area but make sure they vary in scale. You are then free to use different colours and also keep the rest of the decor neutral. It gives a bit of character to a room.


Use colour to unify patterns together

The Stanley Floor lamp colours are found everywhere in the room

You can use lots of different patterns in a room scheme too but have one or two colours to unify them- this will make sure your eye is not jumping like crazy when you enter a room and doesn’t know where to look.


Bring pattern through accessories

Objects can bring pattern into a room in a discreet way but that can be eye catching too.

 Accessories are an easy way to introduce pattern. You can remove it if it doesn’t work for you. It’s a great way to test your taste but also to refresh a scheme.


Is wall art a pattern?

Antique textile design stands out and brings the scheme together

Wall art can be a patttern if it’s a design for example or if it has a pattern in it and can be a great way to brighten up your walls if you are not a fan of going bold. You can also use that pattern or something similar in other areas of your room and unify your scheme.



Be bold- use oversized patterns

tropical landscape 2 wallpaper mural by Andrea Haase uses tropical leaves to bring brightness and the outside in to the wall

You can use pattern to make a statement and create this immediate wow factor. Use wallpaper or tiles to do this to best effect. This can work extremely well in a very contemporary space for example. If you are using a bold pattern you can integrate plants for example to shield part of the design or a bed or large sofa.


Repeat the pattern

This "scrolling fern" pattern looks amazing used everywhere in the room 


 Use the same pattern on curtains and soft furnishings and lampshades all around the room. This is particularly effective when it is repeated in pairs or more and can really unify the space especially if the rest of the decor is more plain.


Pattern on pattern

Fabric designer Peter Dunham does this so beautifully

This can be so effective and looks great in smaller spaces, or rooms with lower ceilings. You can layer patterns on a wall for example by using wallpaper and a patterned headboard and soft furnishings or by adding paintings onto a papered wall.



Temporary pattern

These cushions can be reversed to hide the pattern if need be

This is a pattern that can be easily moved around- so it helps you give a seasonal feel to your home, to work autumn, winter, spring and summer schemes in. You can achieve this with cushions and blankets, books and objects. Moving items round your home or bringing some items from your cupboards, rotating items enables you to bring fun and fresh décor that inspires you without having to redecorate every year! You can also introduce it to your dining table with patterned napkins for example.




A subtle way to bring pattern in a room with baskets

Use texture as a pattern. Natural textures such as bamboo, coco carpets, basket ware are a perfect way to do this. It’s a lovely way to create a more discreet scheme.


Pattern is a great addition to a room, bringing a scheme together, adding a pop of colour or something vibrant to a room. My take is, if you fall in love with a pattern why not use it. If you love it you will be able to integrate it. What do you think?












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