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10 Tips to make your home your haven if you have to self-isolate due to the Corona Virus - Natalia Willmott

10 Tips to make your home your haven if you have to self-isolate due to the Corona Virus

 There is so much negativity going round that I feel I need to write something positive. Would you truly go crazy if you had to stay at home for 14 days? Would you get “cabin fever”. If you are working from home create a peaceful environment to work from too. Here are some of my tips to keep you feeling good and ride the wave.


  1. Fill your bowls with fruit and vegetables. Whilst you can get your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and eat healthily...stocking up on vitamins is essential anytime of the year but especially now.
  2. Why not do a spring clean and a wardrobe tidy up and you will be ready for the better days ahead. There are fantastic new eco products on the market so why not try something new.
  3. Display on your coffee table books and magazines that you really want to read- there will be there to help you fill your days. Have a notebook to hand- I am sure lots of ideas will spring up when you have this time. Write down positive things you are going to do in the future. Why not write letters to people who mean a lot to you?
  4. Create different spots where you can relax in your home with cushions and blankets at the ready and your favourite scented candle. Will you be binge watching your favourite series?
  5. Bring flowers and plants in- particular if you live in a small flat or apartment- being surrounded by nature is always good for your well-being.
  6. Why not tackle a project inside your home you have always wanted to do- repaint your loo or wallpaper your guest bedroom?
  7. Subscribe to a dance or exercise class that you can do online to keep your fitness levels up- so dig out your trainers, your weights and your yoga mat. 
  8. Soaps- it’s time to dig them out and put them in every bathroom and in your kitchen- prepare a stack of tea towels or hand towels that you can wash easily and have a different one for each member of your family. Yes you have heard it many times wash your hands- your probably need a good handcream too as your hands will become dry.
  9. If you have children, prepare some fun activities for them to do- can you teach them to cook, finish an art project, play a game, listen to music, to have days to just be?If you are home working find a nice bright spot, set up a desk and create your schedule around conference calls or telephone calls you have to make. Enjoy having that extra time not having to commute or go on the school run.
  10. Fill your rooms with music, create a play list and take time for yourself and practice mindfulness.



I know that this pandemic is affecting people in different ways- but making sure it doesn’t affect your mind is really important. Having a comfortable home and ideas of what you could do will make you feel better and limit your stress levels. Be mindful of others, help people who need it by giving your time if only with a phone call. We can only do the things that are in our control.



My top places to get some lovely products and ideas ( for wonderful natural goats milk soap) (for organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door) (to take fun dance classes)

Claire Holden with it's all about the words (for some reading ideas)

Naomi Bulger is staring a course on how to write a beautiful letter  starting on the 16th March which I will be taking

all photos by KL photographers

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