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3D printing and beautiful objects - Natalia Willmott

3D printing and beautiful objects

 Birch 3 D printed vase

I remember going to a gallery in London about 12 years ago and being fascinated by the 3D printing machine. This one could create a 3 D portrait of you from a multitude of photos taken from multiple angles. It was incredibly expensive.

I am still fascinated and wanted to look at the origins- the origins date to 1981 and  Hideo Kodoma in Japan was trying to find a way to develop a rapid prototyping system- he discovered the technology to create the layers and how they hardened with UV light but wasn't able to patent his technology.

It's really when the American furniture builder Charles Hull wanted to create small parts for his business that 3D printing as we know it was born. He filled the patent for Stereolithography SLA in 1987 being able to create 3D models by curing photosensitive resin layer by layer.

This has now transformed the creative world allowing designers and architects to create products faster and of better quality. It has also touched the world of medicine and is used for prosthetics for example.


Twist 3D printed vase


So when I came across these wonderful vases made out of 60% corn starch and 40% recycled wood chip, I had to get them for my shop. When you look closely you can see the layers, they are extremely fine and beautiful and light. The addition of a glass container makes the vases waterproof. Use for fresh cut flowers, dried flowers or just to have a lovely cultural piece in your home.

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