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5 tips to introduce colour into your home - Natalia Willmott

5 tips to introduce colour into your home

Introducing colour into your home can seem daunting right? After all there are so many choices out there. The best way is to introduce it slowly I find. I am often asked to help clients with colour choice in their homes and here is some of the advice I might give them.


Building you colour confidence

There are no rules here- the importance is to show your personality and have colours that create a certain emotion and vibe. Good questions to ask yourself are 

what colours am I attracted to?

how does this colour make me feel?

We know that light  can really enhance or lower a mood- well it's the same with colour. We  all respond differently to colour so it's important to  "listen"and note which colours make you feel relaxed, energetic, calm or uplifted for example.


Find inspiration

This might seem like the difficult part as there is so much choice out there. We are constantly bombarded with new images, ideas, things to look at. Just honing down on a few things will help you gather information that will be aligned with what you truly love.

From your wardrobe, magazine, art galleries, from eras that you love but also from food and bouquets of flowers and your travels you can find inspiration. When you are out and about snap pictures of items and colours that make you feel good. I suggest doing this exercise and setting an hour to just walk and feel what you are attracted to but also do it when you go about your daily life. This is a brilliant exercise to discover colour combinations that you might not have thought of.


Follow your gut and trust your instincts


Too often we forget that our spaces are for us and the people who live in it-we follow trends and others but don't listen to our instincts, we search for validation. You can of course look at trends and create Pinterest boards but also leave space for your own creativity and ideas. I often sleep on a decision to bring an item into my home. I know that if I dream about it- it’s the right piece for me! It’s just the same for colour.


Choose an inspirational piece and take time


When decorating a room I find it really helps to already have a piece that is going to go in the room. It could be a piece of wall art, a cushion, a blanket or an object and if they have a colour or some colours that you love this colour be the start of  a great colour scheme. It’s also worth spending a bit of time gathering samples, inspiration and creating a mood board for your room. A decorator can help you do this too.

 Your colours like a brand

Think of your colours a bit like a brand- what are the colours that you can put together and create your own little hue of colours you will use in your home or a particular space. Keep a folder on your telephone with colours you love.


Now once you have are some little things to think about.



You can paint swatches of paint on white cardboard or have samples of wallpaper and place in different parts of the room to see how the light affects it at different times of the day.

Why not layer different shades of the same colour

Use colour on your front door (check if the door gets a lot of sun as red for example can fade really easily).

Have colours echo each other

Bring pattern into your home, you can start small in cupboards and pantries for example or the guest loo. Or you can bolder and bring in wallpaper, or even have an artist paint a design.

Start small- add pops of colour - lighting, chairs, stools, cushions, curtains, carpets, wall art can look very chic against grey or light walls.

Bring in colour through textures with soft furnishings.

10 top Instagram accounts for colours


Sophie Robinson is fabulous at using colour in a bold way through layering patterns of different sizes and colours and types and also introducing bold floral arrangements


Martha Roberts is known for her use of pastels and bringing the joy of the rainbow into her home.


Siobhan Hannah Murphy brings colour in so many ways both with her personality, way she dresses, her wigs and her home. She is also great at adding blocks of colour to black and white schemes.


Annie Sloan is the creator of "chalk paint" and has always championed the use of colour on furniture- bringing individuality to our own spaces.


I just couldn't not mention them right? A great account to follow to find the perfect hue of a certain colour.


Naaomi Ross is fabulous to follow for colour combinations, she shows us through fashion. I love how classic and stylish her account is and her reels are so fun.


Tom Bax is fabulous at bringing colour through cushions and artwork but also by using different colours on walls, ceilings, alcoves all in a same space.


Soozi Danson brings colour through bold patterns and also by using monochrome to balance it out, a skill I don't have.


Tamsyn Morgans brings colour into her home with beautiful vintage pieces, glassware and florals. Her account just makes me feel so peaceful.


Kriss MacDonald just brings us the beauty of nature...just by looking at flowers you can decide which colours you would like to bring in your home...even if it just in a vase.

Hope you have enjoyed this post- send me an email if you have! Have a C_O_L_O_U_R filled day!


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