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Elevate Your Space with Unframed Oil Paintings: 5 Creative Display Ideas - Natalia Willmott

Elevate Your Space with Unframed Oil Paintings: 5 Creative Display Ideas

Displaying unframed oil paintings can lend a unique, modern, and sometimes raw aesthetic to your space. Here are five creative ideas to showcase these works of art in your home or gallery, emphasising their beauty and uniqueness without the confines of traditional framing.

1. Floating Shelf Display

Elegance Meets Simplicity: Utilise floating shelves to create a minimalistic display for your unframed oil paintings. This method allows you to easily switch out paintings or adjust arrangements without committing to a single layout. By placing paintings on these shelves, you create a layered look that adds depth and interest to any room. It's a perfect solution for those who love to update their decor frequently or enjoy showcasing multiple pieces in a series.


2. Flat lay

Oil painting- by the canal by J.A. Honrrissart - Natalia Willmott

Just on a table: As if just finished, lay the painting on a low table or a larger table and add objects and books...just so lovely to have a birds eye view onto a work of Art.

3. Lean and Layer

In the countryside - Natalia Willmott

Casual Chic: For an effortlessly chic look, lean your unframed oil paintings against a wall on a mantel, in a bookshelf, or even the floor for larger pieces. This casual display method brings a relaxed vibe to the space and works exceptionally well in eclectic or bohemian interiors. Layering several paintings by slightly overlapping them can create a dynamic and textured visual appeal that draws the eye and invites closer inspection.

4. Beautiful Easels

Adding charm: Utilise easels for a vintage-inspired display solution that adds character and charm to your home. This method is great for quickly changing ghe artworks. It's particularly suited to homes like rented properties, where you can't hang art. The easel  also creates a striking focal point.


5. Direct Wall Mounting

Modern Minimalism: For the ultimate in minimalist displays, mount your unframed oil paintings directly onto the wall. This can be achieved using adhesive strips designed for hanging art or with a more permanent mounting solution, depending on the weight of the piece and the wall material. This method brings the artwork into direct conversation with the space itself, with no barriers or distractions. It's a bold choice that highlights the painting's texture and edges, making the art itself the star of the show. This method is great on gallery walls too.

Each of these ideas offers a unique way to display unframed oil paintings, enhancing the space around them and inviting viewers to engage with the art in a more intimate and personal manner. Whether you prefer the elegance of floating shelves, the sophistication of simplicity of a flat lay, the casual chic of leaning and layering, the vintage charm of an easel, or the bold minimalism of direct wall mounting, there's a solution that can beautifully showcase your unframed artworks.

Village up a hill in France - Natalia Willmott

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