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8 ways to create a coastal feel in your home - Natalia Willmott

8 ways to create a coastal feel in your home

Do you want to create that calm and serene coastal feel? Can you hear the seagulls, the waves crashing on the shore? Can you fell your feet sinking in the sand, each grain massaging your feet?

Creating a natural costal feel can be achieved fairly simply and really does add to that relaxing ambience that many of us are looking for.


Natural textures

Bamboo basket set

Incorporate natural textures use textures like rope, driftwood, wicker, sisal, seagrass, and jute to create a coastal feel.

Use light colours like white, grey blue, and neutrals to create a light and airy space.If you live by the seaside and you have a view on a beach, the sea or the garden you want those neutral colours to help the outdoor colours sing. They will frame a view.




Celebrate the light

To bring in the natural light use sources like fire pits, candles, wall-sconces, pendants, torches and lanterns outside inside and outside.

Keep the space bright and breezy use light curtains, for example, have windows and doors that you can open easily.




Seaside themes

Add natural elements like shells, raw wood, baskets, surfboards or nautical items to bring the charm of the seaside to your home.



Art and objects

Use paintings to bring in colours and textures to your walls- abstract art is particularly beautiful. Use photographs, frames,  paintings with sea life, shell or ocean subjects.





Add natural materials like linen, cotton, wool and big pillows to create that cosy feel.


Simple is best

Bring in simplicity  for example in the kitchen, with white or blue ceramics rather  than bright colours and strong patterns.



Calming palette


Use pastels and all light blues and greens to create a calming space. Bring in any pieces that will help you create that look and think of varying the textures at the same time.




Reflections and sheen

Create shine with materials like mirrors, glass, silver, mother of pear and ceramics.




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