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How to display your jewellery for summer - Natalia Willmott

How to display your jewellery for summer

Bowls bowls and more bowls 

Don’t you ever forget what lovely jewellery piece you have in your cupboards? Why not prepare the pieces you are going to wear in a particular season and display them in a drawer in a variety of bowls and containers. 

 I believe that you can't have too many bowls in your home. This is a great method to make use of your collections, dress more quickly and tidy up your pieces more easily when you come back from a day at work or an evening out. What do you think? 


Use a variety of colours and pattern to create a vibrant display- here I used mostly blues and greens and added different textures by displaying wire, horn, glass, coconut, sisal, wood bowls. All the bowls and jewellery pieces are available on our website. 



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