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Add the Midas touch to your home - Natalia Willmott

Add the Midas touch to your home

Gold or a touch or bling can bring warmth and a certain richness to your home.

Triangular metal display shelf £90

This fab triangular shelf brings geometry to a space- is great for small spaces to display your little collections. 


Marble and brass round coffee table £245

This lovely side table has an Art Deco feel and brings light into the room with the mirror base. Place an object on the base and see it's colours reflect.

Organic set of trays £30

Little trays are so useful to have to in the kitchen or a bathroom. their organic shape make these a great little object in itself.

Charles Ahrendfelt tea set £145

The fine porcelain, here Limoges makes drinking a cup of tea or a coffee even more special. This one is too pretty to leave in the cupboard- display on a sideboard or on open shelves.

Hand block printed sheets £22 for 6

This paper is stunning for gifts but it can also be cut to line drawers or cover shelves. Or why not frame it?

Set of 4 decorative brass polished bowls £39.50
Long vermeil Napoleon III cocktail spoon £12 each
Stackable bowls are so great to have. I love the sound these make when they are touched. The spoons are tall and elegant and perfect to mix cocktails.


Scented pomander £32

Add a lovely scent to your room by hanging this pomander in your wardrobe or on a door knob. Makes a great little gift too.

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