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Calling for a ban of the word CHORES- tips to enjoy cleaning your home - Natalia Willmott

Calling for a ban of the word CHORES- tips to enjoy cleaning your home

I really think that the word chores should be banned. CHORES means something that’s difficult that’s unwanted. It’s a routine task, tedious but necessary.

I’m lucky that some of my adult years I’ve had help with cleaning the house. I’ve had periods where I’ve had no help for three years and a period were I’ve had help once or twice a week. Recently my lovely lady who had been working for me for 10 years decided to go and work in hotel restaurant. At the beginning I was really upset and I thought oh no I am not going to be able to cope with two businesses, 3 children and a dog (I don’t mention my husband as he is a great help) and taking over the cleaning of the house. I must admit that it’s taken me a few weeks to come to the realisation that I was using the wrong words to describe what I was doing for the house like « cleaning chores » « I’ve got to do it » « my house is messy » « there is dust everywhere ». Everything in the words I used were very "doom and gloom".


The shift started when I actually decided that I was actually taking care of my home, creating a soul for it. I was nurturing my home and belongings and I was saying thank you to the things that I have in my home. I was connecting with my home. Now, I know you might think this is crazy :  when you’re hoovering round you're connecting with your home but you truly are. You are walking and looking at your space and doing it intentionally and purposefully . You are adding a layer of love to your home. And what I mean about connecting is also that every time you pick up an object or something that you own to dust it (a book, a. trinket or a vase or something given to you by your grandmother) spend time looking at it- just those few nanoseconds you’re present with that piece be thankful for it's story it’s history it's origins it's beauty it's shape it’s texture. The same goes when you’re shaking blankets or carpets outside.  Remember the aesthetic and purpose they have for you everyday.


Every Saturday over a drink and a pizza we watch some tv with the family. We each have a blanket (well the dog, the children and I- the husband gets too hot). At the end of the evening the blankets are folded neatly back in a pile right?! They end up all  crumpled on the floor and sofa and this used to make me soooo angry. Not anymore as I see it as a joyful time that we’ve had together.

I am sure you can relate to this, I used to be the sort of person  saying "I’m sorry my house is not very tidy", rushing around like a lunatic  before people would come round. Now I know that if I nurture it every day, I don't need to feel guilty. Some days the house will look better than others but this is a reflection of our lives and what’s happening. But above all, I realise that I’m thankful for my beautiful home and for the items that I have.

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