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12 tips to Create gorgeous displays with your wall art with same size frames - Natalia Willmott

12 tips to Create gorgeous displays with your wall art with same size frames

Here are a few tips on how to use same size frames to showcase your photos or art and create amazing display walls. These are to give you ideas and bring out your creativity.

1. A staircase is often a great place to show photographs or artwork. If you use same size frames it gives you the illusion of an elevated space- so good if you don’t have very high ceilings. Start hanging from about 20 cm above your skirting boards.



2.Display frames of the same size in a bookshelf in a random fashion. You will immediately be drawn by the repetition. It's a great way to break the monotony of rows and rows of books and if you love art a great way to have smaller pieces without overcrowding your walls.

3.Use your frames the whole length of a wall in your sitting room for example. It also gives the room an elegance and grandeur. You don’t necessarily have to have expensive art work but you can also showcase a collection like this.


4. Different styles of frames in the same size is also super fun. You can collect them at auction or find them at vintage fairs or on ebay too- remember to bring your tape measure.

5. There are so many things that you can frame including your collection of vintage bathing suits! Two pairs of two or a series of three larger frames always looks fantastic. Think of framing for example children baby clothes or your grandmothers beautiful hankerchiefs...any fabric looks fantastic this way.


6.Split an  image in two or more components and frame individally- looks great with a portrait or with some words. The eye will follow the design naturally.



7. Use mounts (mats) of different colours to make your wall fun and funky.




8. Use clipboards to create an interesting display- this would look fabulous with your latest photos or children's drawings and can be something that can be changed regurlarly.


9. Use the frames to create symetry in a kitchen for example.

10. The same size frames can be hung vertically and horizontally on the same wall- it breaks the line and makes you see the whole set up as one art piece.


11. Use extra large frames to fill a space. You can use a large frame on an entire wall if you like in a small space- make sure you absolutely adore the image. It will have the same effect as wallpapering a wall and can aslo be effective in hiding a wall that is not perfect.



12. Create a shape like a diamond or pyramid with same shape frames- let your imagination guide you. You can lay your frames on the floor and decide which shape would look best.


Which one was your favourite tip? What would you like to try? Would love you to share your displays with me - you can find me on instagram @nataliawillmott







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