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Easy healthy canapé with sardines - Natalia Willmott

Easy healthy canapé with sardines

Sardines are a healthy and nutritious food that can provide many benefits to your body. They are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and vitamin D, and can help reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, and improve brain function and skin health.

So I wanted to create a pretty looking canapé- that is not only delicious, nutritious but so easy to make.

pretty trio of natural baskets

So you will need the following ingredients

a tin of sardines- choose some in olive oil. I choose these beautifully flavoured ones. The idea is that this is a lunch or canapés so you go for a good quality tin.

lemon and pepper for seasoning

tomatoes, peppers and spring onion for adding texture and colour

herbs for extra freshness ( good ones to use are parsley or basil)

and little gem lettuce- we will be using this as the base instead of bread

Mash your sardines with a fork and add your flavouring and seasoning- keep in the fridge until you need it and then scoop one tablespoon in each salad leaf before adding peppers, tomatoes and herbs.


Use a pretty board to display, like these antique onion ironstone boards from our shop and enjoy this easy and delicious treat.



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