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Happy mind, happy body, happy home - Natalia Willmott

Happy mind, happy body, happy home

Ok last week I posted a video of me dancing in a bikini- Oh you might think that was easy- well no not all. You see I like wearing a bikini but not when there are other people around (except for my immediate family). I always covered up my thighs and in more recent years my stomach. When I was 18 I was super fit but I never loved my legs and always criticised them, now that I am nearly 50, I am much kinder to them. Something clicked and I thought that if I tell you this story something will click in you. Let's not waist anymore time criticising ourselves but more time in joy. Celebrate your body everyday.


1. you are not your body

The first thing that helped me change attitude towards my body is realising and really taking it in that you are not your body and you are not what you think. Society, newspapers and magazines, people around us, the status quo tells us that we have to be a certain way, that we are going to age for example and that things are going to get worst. But what if things were going to get better- if we have that vision why not live our best life.  

2.We are all different.

I was raised in Paris in an extremely loving family but my mum, step-father and sister are all pretty skinny and why not me? Well I have come to realise that I don't have the same body at all- if I was to loose lots of weight I would not look like them. Yes we might have the same colour hair, same eye colour and other features but we do not have the same body. We also don't have the same metabolism. We don't have the same lifestyle either- I have always been very sporty and them not so much. So really you can't compare yourself to anyone and when you stop doing that you are way happier.

3. Listen to your body

I have been swimming nearly every day for the past three weeks, but this morning my legs felt tired and I checked in with my body and it said it needed rest. It's ok to rest even if your mind says go go go.

Your body is your temple so you should nourish it properly right? Yes but too often we are stuck on what we feel we need to do rather than what we really feel like. Do you really want to finish your plate because you were taught not to waste? Do you really want that ice cream because it's a hot day? 

Taking time to - just a minute or two- listen to your body before you eat and ask it what it wants is so important. We now eat much more on the go without listening to our needs. Being more conscious and mindful of what we consume gives us time to listen to our body voice.

4. Take care of your body and connect with it.

Taking care of your body is of course done through nourishment but also through what you do. Do you love exercising- I enjoy walking but I don't love very long that's what I do. I find fun things to do that will be exercise without feeling like it.

I was recently on holiday in Cyprus and was on a gorgeous beach but the beach was made of pebbles. You see I couldn't walk on the pebbles so I remember running on them to get to the water as fast as possible. It's only on my last day when I took a walk on the beach that I found it easier, I simply felt each pebble massage my soles and I walked slowly. I also took time to do a hand massage on myself, put cream on my face and my body and connect with it. When I was swimming crawl, I was conscious of my hand brushing against my thigh with every stroke and giving me this relaxing rhythm. You see I might not be where I want to be but there is so much to love already.

5. Being the best version of yourself

You are in total charge of your body and thoughts. You can become whatever you want to become- you have the choice. Do you want to loose weight- look at what you were and see yourself like that again. Don't look at other people- just look at your own body. Look at it in a mirror and look at yourself naked in the mirror. In the hotel we stayed in there were lots of mirrors so I looked at myself more. At home I realise I look at myself when I am dressed but changing that made me realise that I was being too critical- I started noticing things I liked too, like my tan line. So be kind to yourself and little by little you will see the transformation. The little by little is super important, it's small habits that generate new behaviour and can help you towards the goals you want. See your body getting better and better.

6. Celebrate the good

If you look at your life so far- what has your body helped you do? when you look at the wonderful things you body has done for you- you can't not love it?

a great exercise to do is to remember a story or something you have done and celebrate it in your head or write it down. 

My body has climbed Mount Sinai (Egypt) to admire the sunrise, it has given me three beautiful girls, it gives me great moments of connection with my husband, it glides through the water when I swim...

So as I write this sitting on my sofa, my feet touching a soft blanket, I feel good because I am focusing on the good. I love my body now and I want to celebrate it everyday and thank it for everything it does fo me. As my fingers gently type these words on the keyboard I am conscious that my body helps me create the life I want, one where I can inspire others to feel good in themselves and their homes and I am happy.


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