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How to bring the artist’s studio vibe into your home - Natalia Willmott

How to bring the artist’s studio vibe into your home

Are you the type that loves seeing how people create, love visiting studios? Do you feel that you are not creative but wish you could be? Let’s infuse your home with an artist’s vibe, a bit of boho chic.

Here are some ways to create that look…let’s not follow conventional rules…but create a space in your home that is fun and intrigues. Now is the perfect time to start.

Art on the wall only or not?

Not, yes that’s right, let’s use the floor for example, lean pieces against the wall. You can have one piece or you can layer pieces too. It’s particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of wall space or you don’t have high ceilings or live in a cottage.  It’s also great if you like changing things round and have lots of lovely pieces.

Why not use bookshelves to display your collections, it could be drawings, glassware, ceramics. Integrate some of the items you love amongst those items but make sure they are in their minority. So there should be very few books in your bookshelves as we want to give the vibe of overflowing creativity and abundance.

Use the whole wall up to the very bottom to hang your wall art- I promise it does work and particularly on staircases or around a piece of furniture.


Bring the easel look in

You can bring mini easels in- it’s a great way to display art works. Or have free standing pieces. I used to have the biggest easel in my tiny tiny room at university and it was really cool.

You can also use a large easel as a TV stand - this is a really fun way

Why not bring a drawing table and placing it in the middle of your sitting room- it will always be centre of attention.


Display artists tools in your home and bring some funky ideas to your décor

It can simply be some brushes in a pot or a whole wall of tools…how far you want to go is up to you. Cute little spring touch below right?

You can also use spoons and dip them in paint and display them on your wall… create little labels underneath with name of the colour used so you have a reminder if ever you need to touch up a room. 

Inspired to create? So ready set go...share your images with me on social media.  

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