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Independent brands we know you will love this Winter

I have just put together this guide to introduce you to small independent brands you probably don't know but I would love you to discover! I know the business owners and they are fabulous, all driven, creative and wanting to make a difference in the world. So I wanted to share a bit of love with we go!


1. Yan Neo- Yan is a London based designer, her designs reflect her Greek roots and the fact she was brought up "in the fashion industry". She creates pieces that are timeless, flattering and comfortable to wear but are also affordable.

DAPHNE - Black Print Pleated Shirt Dress

The Daphne dress (£135) is the perfect Dress to have in your wardrobe as you can wear it day or night. Dress it up with gold or silver accessories and have something that is easy to grab and go!


2.EJIK -Jolanda van Eijk creates her own shoe designs in the city of Rotterdam. Her focus has always been on quality and comfort. She works with an Italian production company with skilled craftsmen in the picturesque Marche region to create beautiful shoes that will stand the test of time.

RAY - metalic ankle boots

The Ray champagne boot (approx £275) is the perfect boot to dance the night away. It as an internal heal to give you bit more height but also is made of super soft leather. The colour also is very versatile and will fit in with many looks.


3. Piccoli - this brand was created by Julia Guimares to cater to the "Petite" woman  of 5'3 (163cm). Julia quickly understood the gap in the market for clothes that not only look good but fit well and are also sustainable in many more ways than one.

Petite High-Rise Loose Fit Straight-Leg Jeans

These High rise jeans (£90) will definitely be the most sustainable jeans you will ever own. They are made of 100% undyed bull denim cotton made from 30% recycled manufacturing scraps. We love it!

4. Fransje Sophie -Fransje is a designer in Maastricht who learnt to sew  from her mum and since being a child has created beautiful clothes. Her mission is to create clothes that can be kept for a long time and are part of a sophisticated wardrobe.


Caral top

Caral top (£169) is made of beautiful silk and the beauty lies both in the impeccable cut and the fabric with its gorgeous small zigzag pattern. This piece is an everyday staple that can be worn all through the year and styled in so many different ways.


5. Miolento- it's the brainchild of Elisa a German small business owner with the idea of giving a second life to retired paragliders and parachutes. The bags she creates with these pieces bear the stories of many hours of flight. How cool is that?

Pouch pink and Green

This green and neon pouch (approx £22) is so fun to add to your everyday bag to hold your little bits and pieces. With this piece you'll always have a story to tell.

6.MATCHA PARIS- creator Anne Sophie Peyre makes her jewellery pieces in Paris with vegan and vegetable materials. Her pieces are contemporary, unique and fun with a focus on transforming the fashion industry by producing everything locally and ethically.

Bagherea earrings

You will certainly be the queen of the jungle with these fun Bagherra earrings (approx £42). 

7.Ariane DeLarue- Ariane trained in haute couture fashion both in France and in the UK and even worked with Alexander McQueen. She prioritisies noble and eco-friendly materials whilst creating beautiful lingerie and nightwear.

Silk chiffon babydoll nightgown

This silk chiffon babydoll nightgown with beautiful Chantilly lace (£342) is the epitome of luxury and is a timeless. We love the addition of antique lace.

8. Renata knitwear- Dorota's aim is to become a byword for British craftsmanship, with her sweaters and scarves all made in the Uk with the finest materials. These are pieces that can be worn and worn again and will become hand me downs to the next generation.

Renatta vest

This beautiful vest with geometric design (£160) is made of lambswool and is soft, cosy and stylish to wear and style with jeans or a skirt.

9.hellocuralli is a brand created by Kehily a Venezuelan designer living in Los Angeles. She designs lingerie and swimwear to empower women to feel good in their bodies and feel sexy.  Promoting inclusivity in the fashion industry is also something Kehily is achieving through her product photography and messaging.

Andrea lingerie

This Andrea set (approx £80) has bold velvet elastics and metallic matte emblems for a touch of sophistication. It beautifully built and comes in an amazing array of colours. I think you will be blown away by all this designers creations.

10- Maimie- Louise created Maimie of London with values of timeless elegance, sustainable luxury & empowering adventure. 

Roxie silk jacket

The gorgeous Roxy silk wrap jacket £280 gives the classically masculine smoking jacket a powerfully feminine edge. I find it so elegant.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection- do send me a message and let me know which one is your favourite.xx Natalia







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