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"Festive Charm: Crafting Stylish Paper Cones for Christmas"

Creating stylish paper cones for Christmas can be a delightful and creative activity.  It also adds to the festive spirit and is an activity that is relaxing. It will be fun to style these cones amongst your belongings to use them to give a beautiful gift.


Materials Needed:

List the materials required for this project. This can include:

  • Different types of paper - like the hand made paper block printed or marble paper from our shop
  • cardboard cones of different sizes
  • Scissors
  • Glue or  double sided tape
  • Ribbons, twine, or wire
  • hole puncher or a corkscrew driver
  • Optional embellishments metallic coloured leaf papers

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cutting the Paper: cut the paper in triangular shapes to cover the cone.
  2. Add decorative paper : cover the cone with the decorative paper and stick down with double sided tape at the edges and tuck the excess paper in the cone.
  3. Pierce some cones: pierce the cone at the top edge in two areas and add the ribbon so you can hang it. Or pierce the cone in different areas so you can add a battery light and the light will shine through.

We decided to use cardboard cones as we would like to reuse them in different ways year after year as we have used beautiful paper. We can also use them for different seasons- watch this space.

Usage Ideas:

  • As a Christmas Tree Decoration: Describe how to hang them on a Christmas tree.
  • A tray - a feast for the eyes: Create a Christmas scene on a tray or table with a multitude of cones in different sizes and different papers.
  • Spruce up a Mirror: Hang upside down around a mirror and fill with dried flowers or branches or pine.

  • Table Centerpieces: fill them with candies or small treats and use them as part of a festive table setting by hanging them on small branches or use candelabras to hang them instead.
  • Gift Holders: Use them as unique packaging for small Christmas gifts like jewellery or homemade treats. 

If we have inspired you to make these please share your creations with me on Instagram @nataliawillmott or via email

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