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Thank you to my fabulous teacher- fun and great gifts for my teachers. - Natalia Willmott

Thank you to my fabulous teacher- fun and great gifts for my teachers.

I have three daughters and have been looking and giving gifts to teachers for 18 years so it's fair to say I know a little about the subject. We want to give something thoughtful and a bit different right?

So ditch the mugs, chocolates and pens and lets look at some fun, quirky gifts to give all under £25 that will be more meaningful and fun.

Am beautiful and useful too

marble desk organiser box - £15 to keep the desk ultra tidy

marble desk organiser box

Toile dish towel- £12- for teachers going on an adventure this summer

toile hot air a balloons toile towel, dish towel

Mango wood salad servers- £25 perfect for tossing those healthy salads

Mango wood salad servers


Monochrome stoneware bowl £15- who doesn't like nibbles served in beautiful bowls?

nibble bowl stoneware

Blue glass pitcher jug- £20 to stay hydrated all summer long

blue glass jug

Spotty jewellery box- £20 this little box is perfect for taking jewellery on holiday.

portable jewellery box spots

Aluminium jaguar £12- a fun little ornament to sit on a shelf.

aluminum jaguar ornement

Pair of rabbit napkins £14- perfect for summer and eating outside.

linen grey napkins bunny

Watermelon beaded earrings £25- fun and vibrant soft summer outfits.

watermelon earrings

Vintage gifts to keep forever

Give them a vintage letter £25 if their name is Oscar, Olivia, Oliver, Omar.....

letter O in gold

Beafeeter gold plated vintage necklace £22 to celebrate our Britishness

Beefater gold platted necklace

Damask antique orange hand towel- £20- fun and vibrant for the kitchen or bathroom

damask hand towel orange

Bombé new stock vintage clip on earrings £25- to wear every day

clip on earrings turquoise and peal

Ronuk bottles from £20- perfect for keeping flowers on the desk

Antique Bovril bottle £7- fun to store pencils or flowers in these antique pieces

antique Bovril bottle


We hope you enjoyed our selection- we have lots on our website to inspire you too.  




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