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"Tomato Girl Aesthetic"- a crazy Tik-Tok trend?

Tomato girl aesthetic

The summer is not quite over. Will you be embracing the tomato girl aesthetic which originated on TikTok at the end of June? With more than 250 million views to date- it's a micro- trend that is probably set to last.

The trend is inspired by the Mediterranean coast or anywhere, where tomato based dishes are popular. It embodies the joy of Mediterranean living, which involves eating plates of fresh tomatoes laced with olive oil, lounging at the beach, watching the sunset from your garden.


I do love the aesthetic because it’s characterised by carefree, easy-going, and confident spirit which feels like an antidote to our fast paced world.

If somewhat a bit cliché "tomato girls" are seen wearing old world style clothing with barely there, sun-kissed make up on glossy skin. It’s about comfort and wearing flowy sun dresses, straw-hats, sandals, and gold jewellery accessories.

Tomato girl

How to adopt that style

Wear a straw hat to add a touch of elegance to your outfit and protect you from the Sun.

Add simple gold jewellery to your outfit with delicate necklaces, hoop, earrings, and classic style pieces to add a touch of sophistication to your  look without overpowering it.


Simple sandals, easy to put on are a must too.

Rattan, accessories, like bags or woven straw baskets are perfect to complete your look. 

 Add a touch of red or tomato accessories or a bit of red lipstick or red sunglasses you to have fun with this style.

And dare I say eat tomatoes?


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