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What are the top attractions in North East Corfu


I have just come back from a fantastic week in Corfu, last time I went I was it was lovely to discover the island in a different way.
We stayed in the North East part of the island and it is an area of natural beauty- totally tranquil. We stayed in a house with the most stunning view, above the Rothschild villa in Agios Stefanos. The view from where we were was so incredible, breathtaking with view aver the coast and neighborouring Albania. It was great to wake up early and see the sunrise, read a book, watch the swallows play in the early morning or spot the latest boat or yacht in the sea. 
Here are some lovely things we did and I would recommend.
Corfu holiday

1. Visit the Old Fortress and shopping in Corfu Town

We took a water taxi to Corfu town, which was about 40 minutes from Agios Stefanos. When you arrive start your journey by visiting the Old Fortress in Corfu Town. This historical landmark offers breathtaking views of the town and the sea. Then take a stroll in the meandering streets, there are plenty of lovely shops with traditional crafts.

I love to search for local shops and crafts and prefer to support the local economy by buying from brands that are local. What to bring back- locally made jewellery, ceramics, linen shirts, textiles, olive oil and herbs. Also some lovely great Greek fashion brands for men and women.


  • George's boat water taxi from Agio Stefanos- highly recommended- great sense of humour and great driver (we came back in very choppy waters).

 Corfu town

2. Discover the charm of Kassiopi

Kassiopi is a picturesque village known for its beautiful beaches and traditional Greek atmosphere. Take a stroll along the harbor, visit the Byzantine castle ruins, and enjoy the local cuisine in one of the cozy tavernas. We loved shopping there too.


  • Agathis handmade lace. the lovely lady makes crochet tops and textiles on a loom.

  • Agni Bay is a hidden gem that offers crystal-clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere. Rent a boat and explore the nearby coves and secluded beaches. Don't forget to indulge in the delicious seafood at one of the waterfront tavernas.
  • Pinelo- handmade creations- such a pretty little shop 
  • Uncle Simos- beautiful location on the harbour, lovely place setting and delicious food.
  • Kassiopi Corfu

3. Ipsos vibes

Ipsos is a village located on the east coast of Corfu, north of Corfu Town and Dassia. It is a popular tourist destination and commercial town along the west coast of Kerkyra. Ipsos has a long, narrow, gravel-filled beach with a shallow, yet rocky, seabed and beautiful waters. The beach runs along the length of the bay with Mount Pantokrator as a backdrop. it is quite vibrant- we went during the day but am sure at night it has a life of its own. 

  • Ipsos Aqua Arena: This water park with inflatables in the sea is great fun for all ages. 
  • Street bar and Grill- a more American style menu, a nice change for a meal after many Greek salads and tapas.Ipsos Corfu

4. Relax on the beach of Agios Stefanos and eat in tavernas

Agios Stefanos is a small village known for its stunning beaches and tranquil surroundings. Spend a day sunbathing on the pebbly shores, snorkeling in the clear waters, or enjoying a refreshing cocktail at one of the beachfront bars. There is a path at the end of the beach that takes you to the next cove- which is totally private.(approx 20 mins walk but do bring water if its hot).


Delfini-  a lovely gift shop with local clothing, ceramics, tableware and sarongs.

Margaritta's supermarket- super friendly supermarket, homemade hummous, breads and great choice of fruit and local goodies.


 Agios Stefanos Corfu



5. Rent a boat and explore the coastline.

Rent a small boat ( no license required) and explore the charming villages, swim in the turquoise waters of the Blue Caves, anchor at various coves and relax on secluded beaches.

This was our absolute favour thing to do- a great family moment.


Sotiris Boat Hire- absolutely lovely people- made our day awesome- a day out in a boat is around £160 to £220 including petrol.

We anchored at Agni Bay for lunch and had lunch at taverna Nikolas which was really good with a laid back feel.

rent a boat in Corfu

6. For fan of the Durrels

We had a lovely evening walking around Kalami bay and had diner at the White House.

The White House Restaurant is a restaurant known for its creative cooking, lovely plates and seafood plates. The first Greek chef awarded with one Michelin star, Lefteris Lazarou, is the chef of the restaurant and has received many awards for his work.

The White House was the former residence of British author Lawrence Durrell and his wife Nancy in the 1930's and  is now a holiday experience that features waterfront properties centred on the famous White House. 


The White House -for a special evening out, excellent service, crisp white tablecloth, beautiful food to look at and eat and a fantastic setting.

The north East of Corfu island is a paradise waiting to be explored. From historical landmarks to stunning beaches and picturesque villages, this region has something for everyone. A week there is absolutely perfect whether you are looking to explore, relax or go on a mini adventure.

what to visit in Corfu

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