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5 reasons you should style your plate

For years I've been guilty of having my lunch in a rush, at different times of the day, skipping meals some days, having lunch in front of my laptop ( well there is nobody else here) or standing up. I was speaking to one of my sisters and she said she never has time to eat lunch and always has it standing up- that absolutely stopped me in my tracks...why don't I take the time? I'm sure I would feel better.


I decided to change my habit and I saw a huge change, mostly in my mood and energy level. That's when I decided to take time and style my plate. That's when I saw another change, loosing those extra pounds and being able to function much later in the day.

Displaying food on my plate made me see what I was having and made me take better decisions. It also made me more mindful and question the provenance of the food. It looks so much better and therefore I eat it much slower.

I know you might think you don't have time. But if you are in an office, go and buy your lunch and decant it on a proper plate and eat it -not at your desk- but taking a few minutes to chill. If you are at home spend time chopping and preparing and making your plate look nice and using a lovely plate or crockery.

Which is your favourite tip?


It's the same with preparing tea or coffee- create a little ritual around a few breathing exercises whilst the kettle is boiling.






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