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Wrapping consciously this Christmas- 5 tips to go greener. - Natalia Willmott

Wrapping consciously this Christmas- 5 tips to go greener.

Shall we  be more eco-conscious this Christmas? Did you know that more than 100 million rolls of wrapping paper is used each year? That is so much!

Here are 5 tips to go greener this season.

1. Avoid giftwrap with glitter or metallic designs

Use recycled brown paper or beautiful handmade papers instead. You can use a combination of both, you can use small scraps of paper to create a band around your gift. I use a very small amount of double sided tape rather than a ton of cello tape. Not using too much paper when wrapping, cutting it to the right size and adding ribbon helps with reducing tape consumption.


2. Forage.

When out on a dog walk for example pick up sticks, small branches and leaves that can be used to beautify your gift and combine it with twine. Make a little posy and pop it on top of your gift. Adding beautiful ribbon will also add a pop of colour.

3. Take time to choose gifts, wrap them and create beautiful labels.

Consider gift giving an art - why not give less but make really good choices. On Christmas day, spread the opening of gifts throughout the day. Go for a walk, cook, go to a show, put some music on and in between each event open a present. This will make it more exciting and enjoyable.

4. Save cards and ribbons and bigger scraps of paper to reuse next year.

You can make the cards into labels or place cards. Make sure you use non plastic ribbon. Ribbon can be ironed to give a fresh lease of life. 

5. Look to alternatives to wrapping paper.

Do you have a piece of fabric leftover from the curtains you just made? Why not use a beautiful piece of fabric to wrap your gifts. Use christmas baubles or decorations from past years to style your gifts.


So what are the changes you will make this Christmas? I would love to hear.


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