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Four places to visit whilst in Paris with teenagers - Natalia Willmott

Four places to visit whilst in Paris with teenagers

I don’t know about you, but my children are not super hot yet about museums. So when I take them to the city that I really love and I was brought up in I want to give them a fabulous experience so that they want to come back and discover more.  On our last trip this is where we went. 


1. Fly view Paris 
Fly over Paris and it’s monuments. Discover the architecture and splendour of Paris. The teenagers really like this experience of being strapped onto a jet pack and through virtual reality flying over Paris. Although the film wasn’t high definition, it still gave them the panoramic view and the overview of what Paris looks like. You are also very close to the opera house, home of ballet -the Opera Garnier. It is one of the most expensive buildings of the second Empire and just so lavish in its deco that it’s worth a visit. And again, you are only a stones throw away from the shopping quarter with the Galleries Lafayette and its famous coupola and an amazing view of Paris from the roof terrasse. 
2. Head over up the hill to Montmartre.

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Take the funiculaire (little train) to go up the hill and immerse the teenagers in an area which is a favourite amongst filmmakers and actors and artists. They loved the little alleys, all the little details, the little cafés and the shops. 


3. A starred night with Van Gogh and L’atelier des lumières.   
Immerse yourself in the beautiful visuals and discovery 50 paintings by artist Van Gogh. The teenagers will see close up his expressive Brushstrokes, the colours and poetry of his work. This digital art centre set in a former smelting factory dating of the 19 century will delight these youngsters. They can take pictures of themselves amongst the art. Its a fabulous space to just be, wander and be delighted by imagery.


4. Place du Trocadéro with its gardens - an ideal place for selfies. The gardens as they stand today were created for the exposition internationale des arts et techniques dans la vie moderne of 1937. They are just a fabulous place to take pictures and watch performers and other people delight in the view of the Eiffel Tower. My teenagers just love taking pictures, Sophie is in the gardens, in front of the fountains, near the Eiffel Tower. And if you have time to stop for a pastry and hot chocolate , Carette is one of the most delightful pâtisseries in Paris.

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