Cloisonné spots circular box


Gorgeous box in lovely greys with green interior.

Designed by Fabienne Jouvin, Paris, France

Diameter: 8.8 cm,
Height: 13 cm

Fabienne Jouvin is a designer and illustrator who lives in Paris. She roams the world in search of the best skilled craftsmen. She creates objects which are made on the 5 continents and fuses eastern and western cultures.

She has reinvented and revived, in particular, the ancient skill of cloisonné with the use of bold, vibrant designs and colours.

Cloisonné is the art of decorating metalwork objects. Nowadays vitreous enamel is used. In the past, cut gemstones, glass and other materials were combined. First, compartments are added to the metal object by adhering silver or gold or copper (as in this instance) in thin strips placed on their edge. The piece is then fired in a kiln. Secondly, the enamel powder is inserted into each little cloisons which sinks down after firing due to melting and shrinkage of granular nature of the glass powder. The object is re-fired several times. Lastly, the object is polished with three different stones.


Natalia says : "I have one in my bathroom and keep  my hairbrush, comb and powder brush in the base and hair clips and hair bobbles in the lid."


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