Haute - Couture by Razzia


Brand Razzia

Paris Haute - Couture Original poster sold in a silver frame


Razzia - Gerard Courbouleix-Deneriaz was born in Paris in 1950. From a young age he was attracted by the Arts and became a photographer. From the age of 15 he travelled often to the UK and also photographed bands such as rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. 

He felt however that photography limited him and he wanted to create something with his own hands. His first poster was a photo montage which was spotted by the group Diesel Rock who owned polydor records. He then created album covers for icons such as George's Mustaki, Deep Purple, Vangelis and Roxy music.


It is the poster for the Prêt à Porter that established Razzia as one of the most Famous, recognised and talented Poster- Artist of the last two decades of the 20th c.


Razzia managed to meet the organisers of the pret a porter and show them the image which was to open many future doors. The organisers accepted it straight away, within a month, the portrait along with razzia's name was published worldwide in magazines such as Vogue and harpers. He also got the organisers to accept the selling of the poster at the fashion show- which was met with huge success.

Published Razzia 25 Years of Poster Art by Micky Ross.

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