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Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine - Natalia Willmott
Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine - Natalia Willmott
Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine - Natalia Willmott
Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine - Natalia Willmott

Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine




 Footed white ironstone soupière.

Made in Maastricht, the Netherlands , first half of 20th c (1900-1957), marked Société Céramique Maestricht

Height 19 cm, Depth with handles 34 cms

Ironstone  (terre de fer in French) was developed in efforts to find a substitute for porcelain that could be more mass-produced.
Ironstone is sturdier and more durable than porcelain, it is made of clay mixed with feldspar and kaolin.
It is also more opaque, and it can be bright white as here or creamy coloured.

slight grazing to bottom inside andSee all pictures.


Société Céramique was a renowned ceramics company based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. It was established in 1851 through the merger of several smaller pottery companies in the region. The company became famous for its production of earthenware, which included a variety of items such as tableware, tiles, and decorative ceramics.

During its time, Société Céramique was a significant contributor to the industrial and cultural heritage of Maastricht. The company played a pivotal role in the city's economic development and was one of the main employers in the region.

Société Céramique remained active until 1958, when it merged with another famous Dutch ceramics manufacturer, De Sphinx. This merger marked the end of the Société Céramique brand, but its legacy lives on through the collectible ceramics that continue to be prized by collectors and enthusiasts of antique earthenware. The products of Société Céramique are often showcased in museums and collections, serving as a testament to the craftsmanship and artistic expression of the period.


Natalia says “a beautiful piece to style in your home and kitchen"

Large antique white ironstone soupière/terrine



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