Los arcos- The arches


Size of the case:280 x 185 x 35 mm

Weight: 1000 gr

Components and materials:Material: MDF 8 Arcs in 4 different sizes and 4 cubes

Reference: 1998


The game of the arches could also be called the game of strokes. Each piece is a line that can make drawings in the air, i.e. three-dimensional drawings. Drawing lines in the air and letting us marvel by the forms that are produced, letting us subject or attempt to push the boundaries of balance, interpret the unexpected abstract or figurative forms that emerge, that’s what the game consists in. As soon as you put the first piece the tension of the search appears, the tension to find meaning. The construction begins to impose laws that we just cannot understand. A sort of silent dialogue between the construction that is build and the one who is playing is marking the road. Look, sense, imagine, do, undo, interpret, seek, find.

It is a game where you can experience the poetic behaviour, which cannot be expressed in words. Artistic activity is the natural principle of every game. The random, the surprise, the skill, the risk, the beauty, the emotion, the recognition of the weird, the encounter with the unknown, are natural elements of the most fundamental and exciting activity that we can exercise: play.

The rules of this game are not written, it´s the work that is dictating them in a very open and subtle way. When we put a new piece it´s the set that tells us if it makes sense or not. We must be very attentive and unprejudiced to learn to see, to try to interpret what the set says. The harmony has indecipherable laws, it depends on us, on the cleanliness of our look, knowing and being able to see. Children can teach us to play this game better than any teacher

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