Pencil drawings of a boy and a girl


France, 1944

signed and dated D. Duplessis 1 Dec 44

Denise Duplessis was Elie Maingonnat's (1892-1966) wife. He was the Director of  the école nationale d'art décoratif d'Aubusson from 1930 to 1958. A former drawing teacher, he and Denise also designed cartoons for tapestries. Elie was an outdoor painter and observer of rural life in and around Aubusson and of the flora and the fauna in the limousin region of France.

He also plays an important role in the renewal of the art of tapestry making and getting actual artist to make models for tapestries. He meets Jean Lurcat a renowned and talented painter during an exhibiton in 1937 in Paris and invites him to study tapestries.  Painters such as Calder, Lagrange, Dom Robert and later Braque, Picasso, Vasarely, Dali, Cocteau, le Corbusier...bring all sorts of styles to Aubusson but more importantly projects it into history.

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