Mid century steamships glass tumbler


Beautifully gilt green tumblers with images and dates of steamboats. Great gift for whisky lovers or to display some flowers on a table.

Sully 1831

Great western 1838

Sirius 1838

Le Precursor 1841

Gomer 1842

la Guyenne 1860


Steamboats were a major innovation of the early 19th century being able to ferry passengers and goods up and down the Mississippi river. Steamships also called steamers were often seaworthy and were propelled by a steam engine that woul dturn the propellers or paddle wheels

Sirius was a a wooden hulled sidewheeel steamship built for the London- Cork route. But she also did athe same route as the Great Western and beat it by a day!

The Great Western was an oak hulled paddle wheel steamboat. It was the first one built to cross the Atlantic. She left Bristol on April 7th and arrived in New York Harbour on April 23rd 1838. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and scapped in 1856.

Gomer was a hybrid sail-steamship- it was drawn by Turner in 1844 when it brought the French King Louis Philippe to Portsmouth.


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