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Vintage Fulham Pottery Constance Spry white lotus mantle vase - Natalia Willmott
Vintage Fulham Pottery Constance Spry white lotus mantle vase - Natalia Willmott

Vintage Fulham Pottery Constance Spry white lotus mantle vase




Elegant  vase from late 1930's early 40's.Bearing the mark Fulham Pottery, London. Made IN England hallmark.Impressed FWD 2

Height 15cm, Width 30cm

Constance Spry (1886–1960) was a visionary in the world of floristry and domestic arts, whose influence has endured far beyond her time. Born in Derby, England, Spry began her career in teaching but soon found her calling in the world of flowers. She opened her first flower shop in London in the late 1920s, breaking away from traditional arrangements to embrace a more natural and artistic approach. Her work was characterized by its use of unconventional materials, including weeds and foliage, which she combined with flowers to create stunning, avant-garde displays.

Spry's clientele included royalty, high society, and the fashion world, securing her status as the go-to florist for high-profile events and celebrations. However, her impact extended beyond floral design. She was a prolific author, sharing her knowledge and aesthetic philosophy through numerous books on flower arranging, gardening, and home decoration. Spry also established the Constance Spry Flower School, which cultivated a new generation of florists and designers.

Constance Spry's legacy is not just in her floral arrangements but in her innovative approach to design and living. She championed the idea that beauty and elegance could be drawn from the simplest materials, encouraging creativity and appreciation for the natural world. Today, her name remains synonymous with creativity, elegance, and the transformative power of flowers.

Vintage Fulham Pottery Constance Spry white lotus mantle vase



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