Fantastic Mother's Day gifts
We put together a selection of beautiful Mother's Day gifts from our shop to give to your mum or receive as a mum....because we know she is/you are  worth it.

For the mums who love beautiful jewellery



Long Beaded Necklace
to add sparkle to a sweater or t-shirt


to layer with other bracelets


Poppy or songbird jewellery stand
to keep jewellery close


jewellery stand or j'aime ma maman bracelet

little bracelet or ring stand


For mums who love small and beautiful things

for a beautiful scented home


to display lovely plants 


to display fruit or have favourite toiletries close by


For the mums who love decorating their home

to use with candles or flowers


to have a beautiful table


Vintage tray embroidered set
 to have their favourite tea or coffee




For the mums who love art

for just a beautiful bow


a 19th c beautiful hand coloured botanical

this is only a small selection of our shop offering so don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more tailored suggestions on